Find and Follow Locally Owned Businesses

To our Family, Friends, Funders and Followers,
We can't thank you enough for you support. It means a lot to us. THANK YOU!

We are withdrawing our crowdfunding campaign. All funders will be receiving refunds in the coming weeks as we're ending our campaign much earlier than expected.

Why are we pulling out of Indiegogo? Well, several reasons, but mainly we just imagined spending 80% of our time continuing to build our app and spending about 20% of our time posting updates to Indiegogo, e-news and social media. As it turns out, Indiegogo is quite a popularity contest and has actually been taking like 200% of our time to try and manage and publicize.

We feel our time is far better spent focusing on building DISTRICT rather than trying to panhandle our way to launch a little faster. (Remember, our campaign was just to hire help with the finishing touches, so this will just take us a little longer to do it ourselves. So, no big deal.) Stay tuned for updates right here on our site, e-newletter and social media.

Thanks again for all of your help and support. This is going to be an amazing tool help you shop and eat local!


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An app to help you find and follow locally owned and operated businesses.

You'd rather shop local, but it’s so hard!

We’re here to cut through the noise and introduce you to curators and craftsmen you’d otherwise miss.



Our mission is to be your primary tool for discovering and supporting local businesses.

Find and follow local alternatives for coffee, pizza, groceries, clothing, haircuts, anything.

Stay connected with your favorite people and places of the community.


Search by name.

Use the directory to look for certain types of businesses around you.

Filter your search by category.

Get an instant list of all the locally owned places around you.



Follow and stay connected to the local stores and restaurants you love.

See all of their posts and current specials. (We won’t make them pay to reach their own followers. How lame would that be?)

Follow your friends and family too.


We won’t run ads or 3rd party paid content on DISTRICT.

So how will we make money?

First, we’re not a non-profit, but we’re not profit centric either.

Businesses on DISTRICT can pay a small monthly fee to have their "current special" show throughout the app experience.



We will never sell your personal information.

We will never sell your usage data.

The “current specials” are purely current-location-based.

DISTRICT exists to help small businesses succeed, so we've made our business model pretty much contingent upon this.


Stay connected with us!

A valid email address is required.